Edu-Therapy ™ Solutions HEALING YOUR HEART Certification

September 25-28, 2023

Edu-Therapy ™ in First Nations, Métis and Inuit Communities

Grief and possible traumas negatively affect our lives. Coming in waves, they have a cumulative effect that, if not acknowledged and treated, inhibits our ability to integrate in healthy ways and will continue to repeat themselves. Physical reactions include:
– Separation

– Numbness

– Separation

– Disengagement

– Hyperactivity

Communities prepared with the Edu-Therapy™ Process are stronger and more resilient. We are all stakeholders of the collective grief and trauma experience. The Edu-Therapy™. The process creates a safe place to acknowledge, accept and integrate pain resolution processes – creating resiliency
and long-term healing. Once Certified as an Edu-Therapy™ Specialist, in as little as 6 hours per week, one specialist can bring mental resolution of the pain and sadness caused by loss to over 200 people per year. Trained teams can escalate these numbers, adding to the overall resiliency.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Mental Health & Wellness Workers; Addiction Counsellors; Educators & Youth Workers; Family & Victim Service Workers; All Interested Groups & Individuals

Frenchman Head Complex  (Choose Life Building)
9:00am to 5:00pm – lunch provided


Contact:Rita Brisket 807-582-3805
Celina Angeconeb807-738-5566
Participants must complete all 4 days of training to be successful


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