Public Works / O&M

With a staff of 16, the Public Works and O&M department is responsible for roads, water systems, community-operated buildings, and heavy equipment. Last year, the department built a new public works garage in Frenchman’s Head. This year the interior (electrical and heating) is being worked on and is to be completed by the end of November. The garage is used to park heavy equipment and as a place to maintain and repair machines.

Next to the garage is a newly constructed dome shelter to house school buses. It comes equipped with electrical outlets.

The water department is also completing work on a water treatment plant in Whitefish Bay. This summer an application was submitted for a new water treatment plant in Kejick Bay. It was approved for $5.4 million and Lac Seul must contribute one-third of the overall cost. Construction is set to begin in May 2016. Kejick Bay has had to rely on a pump house for its water supply.

The department also develops housing lots. Fourteen were developed this year by clearing the land, and putting in water lines and roads. Additional lots were also developed for next year’s housing projects. The department also operates a housing renovation program. This summer, crews completed work on eight band houses. The construction of a ball diamond in Whitefish Bay is underway and will be completed next spring.

Currently, the winter road crew are getting ready for winter season by mixing salt and sand, as well as winterizing trucks and getting them safetied.