Two Spirit Awareness Week Launches with Flag Raising

On March 18, 2024 at 11:00am Community Members and visitors gathered at the bridge in Frenchman’s Head for the raising of the Two-Spirit Flag in honour of Two-Spirit Awareness Week.

Two-Spirit Awareness Week is a time dedicated to raising awareness about and celebrating the experiences, identities, and contributions of Two-Spirit individuals within Indigenous communities. It’s an opportunity to honor the diverse identities and cultures of Two-Spirit people, while also advocating for their rights and visibility. The week often includes educational events, discussions, and cultural activities aimed at promoting understanding and acceptance.


Pictured below are Jordan Angeconeb and Elder Hammond Lac Seul.


Activities for the week include;

March 19: 2Spirit Diversity in the Workplace – Facilitated by Kieran Davis

March 20: 2SLGBT(ea)+ Bannock

March 21: Two-Spirit Mindfulness Workshop – Faciliated by Alynne Peacock

March 22: 2Spirit Round Table Discussion

March 23: Ever Sick Drag on the Rez – Dinner and Drag

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