New Bylaws passed by Chief and Council

On November 22, 2019, Lac Seul Chief and Council formally accepted the Lac Seul First Nation Trespassing By-Law No. 01-2019 and Lac Seul First Nation Dangerous Person By-Law No. 02-2019 in the presence of Chief Derek Maud, Band Councillors Samantha Kejick, Elvis Trout, Gerald Kejick, Raymond Angeconeb, Chris Lawson, and Emma Littledeer.

In order for these said By-Laws to come into force (as stated on page 7 of the by-laws):

  1. The By-law shall be published on the LSFN’s website.
  2. The Council shall be required to provide a hardcopy of the by-law to any person that requests a copy and has not before received a copy.
  3. This by-law comes into force ten (10) days after the by-law has been published on LSFN’s website .

    Dangerous Persons Bylaw Trespassing Bylaw

    Trespassing Bylaw