Community Notice March 24,2021

To the Community Members and Residents of Lac Seul


The Pandemic staff is located at the arena offices, which will be overseeing the following:

a) Scheduling Vaccination Appointments according to LAST NAME

b) Action on requests received via phone calls and email for Consent Forms to all Lac Seul members

c) Delivery of Consent Forms, Covid Screening forms, Covid Information packages to households in all communities.

If you were not home to receive the Forms, please call our office at the numbers below:

Derek Maud – office 808-2470 ext 201 or cell 738-4380

Liz Kejick – office 808-2470 ext 202 or cell 221-2519

d) Please DROP OFF your forms at our local Pandemic office at the Frenchman’s Head arena.

We want to apologies for the delay of outgoing information but with last minute additions of information, these are the final information packages. Should you have further questions, please call the above numbers right away to discuss your concerns. So please feel free to drop off your consent form to the Pandemic office or contact Derek or Liz to make pick up arrangements if you’re unable to make it in-person.