Community Notice First Nations Water Class Action

LSFN has hired two community-based workers to assist members with the application process. They are working on a Band Council Confirmation List for members that resided on reserve from January 1999 to January 2020.

Please contact Alans Kejick and Tatyana Quezance at if you would like to be included on this list (they will submit your application on your behalf).

They will need:
• your band membership number
• your full name
• periods you lived on an impacted First Nation
• your address
• your date of birth
• For minors, the full name of the legal guardian/ parent,
their relationship to the minor, and mailing address

Note: If you are claiming Specified Injuries compensation,
then you must submit your own Individual Claim Form.

The deadline to apply is March 7, 2023.
For more information about the settlement, please visit 

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