BILL C-92 Information

Join us at the World Cafe to provide your input into creating Lac Seul First Nations Child Welfare Law.

What does Bill C-92 mean? On January 1, 2020, Bill C-92 became law, recognizing, for the first time in Canadian history, that First Nations peoples have the inherent right to control their own child and family services.

What’s Next? This means that Lac Seul can create their own custom child welfare laws that reflect our practices in caring for Children, and supporting Families and Youth.

Lac Seul First Nation will host a series of World Cafe’s in each community to begin this process as follows:


Whitefish Bay

MONDAY, JUNE 28th – Elders

TUESDAY JUNE 29th – Youth, Mothers, Fathers, Parents, Grandmothers, Grandfathers & Foster Parents

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30th – Community Programs


Kejick Bay

TUESDAY, JULY 13th – Elders

WEDNESDAY, JULY 14th – Youth, Mothers, Fathers, Parents, Grandmothers, Grandfathers & Foster Parents

THURSDAY, JULY 15th – Community Programs


Frenchman’s Head

MONDAY, JULY 26th – Elders

WEDNESDAY, JULY 28th – Community Programs

TUESDAY, JULY 27th – Youth, Mothers, Fathers, Parents, Grandmothers, Grandfathers
& Foster Parents

THURSDAY, JULY 29th – CFS Agencies

FRIDAY, JULY 30th – Chief, Council & Band Administration Staff


For more information please contact Marie Lands 204-330-0773


What can I expect at the World Cafe ?
The World Cafe process is based on the belief that ‘we are wiser together’ and that the future can be shaped ‘through conversations that matter’.
World Cafe is a method where participants come together to explore an issue by discussing it in small table groups. Discussion is held in multiple rounds of 20-30 minutes, and is intended to allow for more relaxed and open conversations to take place.
The idea behind this is to create a space that supports ‘good conversation’, where anybody is able to talk about things that matter to them.
Participants are encouraged to talk openly, share their stories, and learn from each other. We have so many different perspectives that are valuable.

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