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Lac Seul Land Code Fifth Draft 27.04.2021 PDF

Lac Seul Land Code Fourth Draft 17.09.2020

February 24, 2020 Third Draft Land Code

*Above third draft – minor change made to the text under Table of Contents – UNDER 5 from NAME to LAC SEUL FIRST NATION LAND

January 30, 2020, Third Draft LSFN Land Code

January 2020 Second Draft LSFN Land Code

August 2019 Draft LSFN Land Code


Lac Seul Land Code Summary 09.2019



LSFN IA Summary

Land Management Act


Frequently Asked Questions – Framework Agreement on FNLM

Print Material

First Issue: LSFN Land Code Newsletter. Released in October 2019

First LSFN Land Code Brochure: Released in October 2019

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