Dog Control By Law

The Lac Seul First Nation Dog Control By-Law takes effect on October 6 , 2023 To see the full by-law, please click here. Lac Seul Dog Control By-Law

A copy is available at each band office and can be printed by the band office receptionist upon request.

What You Should Know

  • Every dog owner must register their animal with the Animal Control Officer.
  • Each dog must have a dog tag.
  • When your animal is outside, it must be on leash to protect residents and to protect dogs from wildlife.
  • Dogs are prohibited from all school yards and daycare centre playgrounds.

Registration and Identification

Dog Registration (Male or Female)FreeOnce
Replacement Tag$10.00Each Time
Fail to Provide Dog with Collar or Tag$30.00Each Time

Immunization of Animals

Quarantine$10.00Per Day
Humanely Destroyed $25.00Per Dog

Impounding and Seizures

Number of ImpoundmentsCostFrequency
1$30.00Per Day
2$40.00Per Day
3$50.00Per Day
4 +$60.00Per Day

For More Information

Jonathon Kenny; Animal Control