2021-06-23, Lizzy Walsten, Lizzywalsten@icloud.com

From: Lizzy Walsten

Email: Lizzywalsten@icloud.com

I would like to list a Job Posting for 2 Carpenters for 2 weeks at our Fly-In Outposts out of Kenora, Ontario.
Walsten Outpost’s 1-807-468-5970 (Office) or 1-807-468-0333 (Cell Number)
Contact : Kevin Walsten for details

Work to be done:
Repair One small Dock/ install 2 Laminate Floors in 2 Cabins approx. 10 Days to 2 weeks.

If you could post this in your Main Offices very much appreciated,
Lizzy Walsten

P.S. Jimmy King worked for me for Many Years, but Sadly passed away. He was a Fabulous Carpenter/Worker & was Very knowledgeable.