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From: Natasha Meyer

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To whom concern,
I am not writer but I hope you can understand my writing. I am 40 year old and hearing impaired person. I don’t know where to start? I would start in year 2017 When my son was born. I had to stay home and be with my child and find many way to work as he get older. Me and fiancé work hard for living to stay out of homeless with a child. As year pass to 2019 of June. My life went down the hill. My mom pass away and it was heartbroken and unexpected. Me and my siblings had to plan and help dad for the funeral. After all this settled I went to look for job in my hometown. It seem every where I go to find a job. They know my family to well. They are concerned about me being not ready to work because of my mom. I was desperate because of my child I need to support him. My close sister (we not related but we are close sister together) called me and said there lot of work in Sioux Lookout Ontario. So 2019 of October I pack up and left my hometown. Soon I move in her trailer house for 6 months sleeping on her couch with my son. I did get a job at the hospital. Then move to sunset suites for couple months and then live in Northumbrian up to November. Then back to sunset suites from this day . I now work at the hostel doing dietary and front desk but decided to help my fiancé with his business for while but still working at the hostel. . We are doing Sioux Lookout contracting. Doing concrete, drywall, sun deck, remodeling the inside the house and roofing. I would love to own a home for once. I struggle every day living the hotel with my son and my fiancé. Would be nice to have a kitchen to bake and feed the family. We found a trailer that my sister have mentioned to me. I think it would be nice to own a home for a change. It need a lot fixing and remodeling as well. The owner of the trailer house is selling. I am needing money to fix it and buy the place as well. I am asking $20,000 to this place. Thank you hope you can help I am a band member of lac seul
Natasha Meyer