2021-05-27, Ben Andress, mgmt@blacktoprecords.ca

From: Ben Andress

Email: mgmt@blacktoprecords.ca

Southern Ontario, Canada’s The Smile Case is dropping a new album July 2021 produced by frontman Mike Trebilcock of the Juno Award winning group The
Killjoys. The album is called ‘only on the lonliest nights’ and features
13 tracks. Most sad and I guess a couple that are mildly hopeful. The
first single is a groovy banger caled ‘Somone That Cares About Me’ It’s
an acquired taste but can see this being up a few folks alley. A perfect
mix of Tom Petty, Ween & Craig Finn of the Hold Steady. If you’re digging
the vibe was curious if you’d consider lining up a new music premiere for

I’ve included a private unlisted link for the video here:

and a private Soundcloud link where you can download a hi-res tagged MP3:

Thanks for the consideration and hope you have a fantastic week