2021-04-26, Billy keejick, Billykeejick@lacsuelfn.org

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Good evening sir my name is David savoyard I had sent you an e-mail this past Friday I do believe pertaining to my efforts in obtaining an Indian status card in which my late mother Mary(sneaky)Savoyard was a member of further more i would like to discuss if there is any possibility in obtaining a status card or a status number under my current situation here thunderbay mainly medical purposes i.e. dialysis treatment and other medical related issues and at the moment I’m working in conjunction with a social worker from the TRHSC in thunderbay whom works out from the dialysis unit and you wish it would be very appreciative if you can correspond with her Christine Brassard/RSW phone#(807)684-6162 e-mail:Christine brassard@trhsc.ca your assistance on this matter would be most appreciated and we await your reply thank you got your attention and hope to hear from you soon.