2021-03-18, Ryan Mickelson, rmickelson@sd91.bc.ca

From: Ryan Mickelson

Email: rmickelson@sd91.bc.ca

Hello from Fraser Lake, BC!

My name is Ryan Mickelson, and I’m a high school teacher here at Fraser Lake Elementary-Secondary School. I’m writing to you today on behalf of two of my students who trace their ancestry back to the Lac Seul First Nation, and are registered as status.

One of them is in Grade 12, and despite the challenges of school during the COVID-19 pandemic, is on track to graduate with her high school diploma either this summer or shortly after. She is an incredibly talented artist, and she hopes to pursue a career in animation after she graduates from high school. The other student is in Grade 10, and while he’s still a couple of years out from graduating, is a kind and creative individual who also has a bright future ahead of him.

Do you have the contact information of who the family might be able to contact to apply for funding for post-secondary school?

You can reach me via my e-mail at rmickelson@sd91.bc.ca or call me at the school: 1-250-699-6233

(We are about to go on Spring Break this weekend, so I may not be reachable at the school until after Easter, but I will still check my e-mail during Spring Break!)

Thank you very much,

Ryan Mickelson
Resource Teacher, FLESS