2020-10-8, Natalie Webster, Natalie.inez.webster@gmail.com

From: Natalie Webster

Email: Natalie.inez.webster@gmail.com

Hi! So this is an out of the blue question. When I was 17, I was a Junior Ranger at Sioux Lookout…so this was 1997. We went to a trip to a local First Nation to learn more about history and cultural components of day to day life. During this trip I was gifted an eagle feather, which I cherish to this day. But I can’t remember what location it was from. I think it is from here, I wanted to know if I am right or not. When the old program was running, did you partner with the Ranger program and host us for a day? If yes, and I have tracked down the right place, would I be able to chat with someone about the significant if the feather? I completely understand if you are very busy with other urgent needs. I just appreciate your time.
Thank you❤️
Natalie Webster