2020-10-5, Christopher Wheelock, wheelock.chris@gmail.com

From: Christopher Wheelock

Email: wheelock.chris@gmail.com

To Whom It May Concern,

The following YouTube videos concern the future of the indigenous peoples of the Milky Way galaxy, including your community. Please watch them. Their total duration is a little over 4 minutes.
(1) What if, for the sake of all indigneous peoples of the Milky Way:

(2) What’s happening in our galactic body right now:

(3) And, what might come to pass if that body doesn’t act:

I’m emailing this to you today specifically because all of Earth’s 142 major space enterprises were contacted about the above information, and only three responded, two of which wrote that it’s not their responsibility.

The future is live. Please share this with your community.

Christopher Wheelock