2020-09-2, Rose Kokurudz, rkokurudz@hotmail.com

From: Rose Kokurudz

Email: rkokurudz@hotmail.com


I live off reserve, in Kingston Ontario. The reason for my email is a request for info or help.
With these crazy times things have gotten hard and i am one of the people that have fallen through the cracks for support I don’t totally qualify for any program. I am waiting for surgery on my shoulder thanks to the cancellation of surgeries and being up on LTD only 60% of my wage for longer than i had planned for I am in the boat of what bill do I pay and now can I make rent. I have no family that will help me unfortunately so on my own on this one. I have gotten to the point now that I have had to sell somethings to get by. It is hard to get help and a straight answer from anyone and being tossed around to place to place with no help.
I know the situation is hard on everyone and I hope everyone on the reserve and Sioux Lookout area are doing ok. Here in Kingston we have not had many cases been at 1 or 2 for awhile. With school, St Lawrence and Queens starting up getting worried. Wish I was still in Sioux Lookout right now would feel safer then in a big city. Being a type 1 diabetic I am always worried and cautious.
Sorry started rambling there.
If there is any support or some program you might now of that could help me be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Rose Kokurudz

Stay Safe.