2020-09-2, jenni makahnouk, makahnou@ualberta.ca

From: jenni makahnouk

Email: makahnou@ualberta.ca

Good Afternoon,

My name is Jenni Makahnouk, a member of Lac Seul First Nation. I am currently completing my studies for my Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies at the University of Alberta. I am working on a project for my Endangered Languages linguistics course. We are doing to be doing a semester long project on endangered lanuages in the world and I am hoping to choose Lac Seul Ojibwe as my language.

Basically, I need two numbers: total population of lac seul ojibwe and total number of speakers. It helps if you have age information for the speakers as well. For example, if most of the speakers are in 50 y.o. or more and there are only a handful of speakers who are younger than 50, you can then see that intergenerational transmission of the language has been interrupted.

Do you have any information on the lac seul dialect of ojibwe?
or any other information?

Thank in advance