2020-08-11, Arlene Walker, Arlene.Walker@beendigen.com

From: Arlene Walker

Email: Arlene.Walker@beendigen.com

I have been attempting to get a hold of Tikinagan for Frenchman’s Head. I was able to leave a message with Sioux Lookout but my client still has not received any contact from her worker. I understand that due COVID many things have been closed but my client is a mother who has not received any contact prior to the closures and she does not have any idea of how her children are doing. Her last worker was Nora Vincent. My client has worked very hard to secure housing and maintain stability; not knowing whether or not her children are safe. I may be reached at this email and the mother, Josephine, may be reached at cjojo9287@gmail.com. My business cell is 807-252-8905 and Josephine’s contact number is 807-789-0232.