2020-07-16, Benjamin Krawec, benkrawec@gmail.com

From: Benjamin Krawec

Email: benkrawec@gmail.com

Hey there, I’m applying for an Indspire scholarship for the fall 2020 school year. I’m almost done my application but before they accept it they need a letter from the band stating that I am *not* receiving funding from you guys. I’m a registered member, my status number is 2050469101. If I could please have something mailed out to me at 12204 Beck Road, Port Robinson, ON, L0S 1K0 that would be greatly appreciated. If you could also send me a picture or PDF of the letter via email that would also be really great, because then I can submit my online application even sooner. Thank you very much for your time. If you need to call me about anything my phone number is 250 302 2430