2020-01-15, Kelly Stapleton, kellstap77@gmail.com

From: Kelly Stapleton

Email: kellstap77@gmail.com

Hello. I’m looking for information on application process if any for band membership. My 2 minor children have status pending with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. I’m expecting the approved applications anytime as we are nearing 18 months. My children’s Father and Maternal Grandmother are members. I have been told I do not need to apply to band and also told I need to apply. Just looking for clarification and to confirm you have record of the minor children’s applications in the event of any disbursements. Can you please assist with this process. Thank you kindly.

Minor Children:
Avery Reeder – dob 29Dec2004
Jace Reeder – dob 18Sep2009

Father – James Reeder – dob 10Sep1975 status# 2050206101
Maternal Grandmother – Mary Jane Keejick – status # 2050090901