2020-01-14, Brandy, brandyswitzer@icloud.com

From: Brandy

Email: brandyswitzer@icloud.com

I am hoping you can help me out. I am looking for information on my great grandmother and a few of her family members. I have reason to believe they have some sort of attachment to this First Nations.
The people whom I am looking for information on are : Mary Boyer ( possibly born as Mary Fox or Mary Laplante), Also Lizzy Fox ( Elizabeth Fox) and Mary Wajashkokwe. Mary Wajashkokowe to my understanding passed away Jan 6 1897 at Frenchman’s head. Lizzy Fox is her daughter and I have information showing she may have had her daughter ( Mary Boyer) at Frenchman’s head. I’m trying to see if she was registered at all with your band, or if you may have some information on her. I am looking to see if there was a birth certificate for her or possible band registry with her information on it.

I have received some conflicting information and have both Fort William First Nations and Lac Seul First Nations listed. However when I stopped in at Fort William they said that Fox was not a last name attached to FWFN. I am really hoping you can help me with this information.
IF you should need to contact me by phone, my number is 403-304-7059.

Thank you very much for all your help.