Organization Profile

Organization Facts

  • We have an annual budget of $29 million.
  • Lac Seul First Nation employs 143 full time employees.
  • When counting seasonal and casual employees, that number jumps to 195.
  • 15 employees have worked for Lac Seul for over 16 years!
  • We are involved in numerous ventures and partnerships. These include:
  • Limited Partnership Agreements: Migizi L.P, Moncrief Construction L.P., Tim Horton’s L.P., Lac Seul General Partner L.P., Yellowbird Construction, and Ontario Power Generation L.P.
  • Joint Venture Agreements: Ackewance L.P., Chibougamau L.P., and Domco Food Services L.P.

Council Members

Clifford Bull

Elvis Trout
Frenchman’s Head

Samantha Kejik
Frenchman’s Head

Nora Vincent
Frenchman’s Head

Raymond Angeconeb
Frenchman’s Head

Wade Bull
Whitefish Bay

Darrin Trout
Kejick Bay

Gerald Kejick
Kejick Bay

Stan Littledeer
Kejick Bay