Lac Seul Internet

LSFN Internet is happy to provide high speed wireless internet access to our members in Lac Seul First Nation. Through our partnership with KNET we are able to offer this service which provides download speeds of up to 30 Mbps.

Wireless Connections Available In

  • Frenchman’s Head
  • Kejick Bay
  • Whitefish Bay


  • FedNor
  • Northern Ontario Heritage Fund
  • Casinorama

Costs for Wireless Internet

Site SurveyFreeCall to book appointment
Initial Setup$400If you require extra hardware and are in a difficult location
Residential Monthly$4540MB Down/5-10 MB Up
Business Monthly$7540 MB Down/5-10 MB Up


Call or email  for more information or to schedule your free site survey.

Terry Moreau807-582-3503 ext