The Health Department oversees the operation of community health clinics, medical transportation, early childhood development, home and community care, telehealth, dental and vision, and finally the Suboxone Treatment Program.

Currently, there are two community nurses that provide emergency treatment and initial assessments. They also provide public health education. Three Community Health Representatives (CHRs) are also based in the community. They provide a variety of health promotion activities in the schools and the clinic.

With a fleet of three vehicles, medical transportation is provided in all three communities. On average, four-six trips per day occure to and from Sioux Lookout. Four drivers are employed, working in two shifts per day, and a travel coordinator oversees scheduling. A wheelchair access van will soon be purchased due to an increase in patients with disability,

The Health Department also operates two Aboriginal Headstart Programs, one in Frenchman’s Head and the other in Kejick Bay. The program in Frenchman’s Head is staffed by three people and provides a meals program. The program in Kejick Bay has a limit of five spaces available and has one staff member.

With a team of one nurse and two personal support workers, the Home and Community Care program provides daily visits to Elders. During visits, they check on the needs of Elders, provide dressing changes if necessary, and general
companionship. The current caseload is just over 20 clients.

In Telehealth, there is one coordinator that is administered through KO-eHealth. There are two stations in the Kejick Bay clinic. It allows people to link in with specialists for an initial consultation.

Dental visits continue to occur every three months in the community. Vision services were recently introduced to the community. An optometrist visited over the summer and continued visits are expected.

A highlight this year was the launch of the Suboxone Treatment Program (see report on next page) to address addiction issues in the community. A healing lodge is being built that will utilize aftercare activities and land-based activities to assist in the healing process of individuals struggling with addictions and trauma.

Moving forward, the Health Department is working on establishing an Extended Care Home for Elders so they don’t have to leave the community. Also, a dialysis unit is also being looked into for the community to eliminate travel for diabetes patients.

Contact Numbers for Lac Seul First Nation Clinics

Frenchman’s Head
Phone: 582-3512  Fax: 582-3837

Kejick Bay
Phone: 582-9812 Fax: 582-9878

Whitefish Bay
Phone: 582-3293 Fax: 582-3257