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From: Anthony Rodrigues

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Good morning,

My name is Anthony Rodrigues and I am contacting you today from Teens Learn to Drive. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives from vehicle collisions through safe driving education.

We’d appreciate it if you could include a short article in your next newsletter about a great leadership opportunity, we are offering high school students in Ontario that helps promote safe driving.

Details are below. There is no cost to the students or the schools and lots of benefits for both! I have also included an illustration for the article attached within this email.

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Marie Hayes at 647-227-4220.

Thank you,

Anthony Rodrigues

The award-winning Teens Learn to Drive (TL2D) Team is recruiting Ontario high school students for the 2021-22 school year to become Vision Zero Youth Network (VZYN) Ambassadors. If you have teens, nieces, nephews or friends that might be interested, please share this information.

The VZYN program is free and has lots of benefits for selected students and their schools. Ambassadors will work with the TL2D Team, police and other partners to close the knowledge gap for young drivers, riders and pedestrians and make Ontario roads safer. The time commitment required is 5 hours per month.

Why This is Important

In 2019, according to MTO data, 62% of new drivers did not take a driver education course. They learned from parents and friends who may not have been aware of the current best practices, vehicle safety features or road designs.

They also missed out on 20 hours of classroom training that cover critical information about how to:

· Drive on various types of roads & in various weather conditions

· drive around big trucks & emergency vehicles

· maintain a vehicle and ensure it’s road-worthy

· deal with emergencies.

· .

Here is a link to the Vision Zero Youth Network launch event that was attended by members of parliament, police & other partners and the TL2D Team.


ROUND 2 Applications will CLOSE June 15, 2021.

Please share this video with high school students: https://youtu.be/ktjC9onfTss

Please share this video with parents, high school administrators and teachers: https://youtu.be/Ai60JqpooDI

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Preview YouTube video Vision Zero Youth Network needs Ontario High School Students

Vision Zero Youth Network needs Ontario High School Students
Preview YouTube video Vision Zero Youth Network Ambassador Program