2021-06-2, Ocian Archer, oarcher@binnojiiyag.ca

From: Ocian Archer

Email: oarcher@binnojiiyag.ca

Good Afternoon Lac Seul First Nation,

My name is Ocian Archer, Family Service Worker at Dnaagdawenmag Binoojiiyag Child and Family Services. I am writing this email to inquire if I could be directed to a band representative or person of contact who I can discuss a child protection matter regarding a family who is said to be affiliated with your First Nation. Please let me know who is the best person of contact and what time or form of contact would be best to reach your at.


Ocian Archer, BSW & BAS
Family Service Worker
Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services
64 Cedar Pointe Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 5R7
Phone: 705-295-7135 ext 748
Toll Free: 1-844-523-2237