2020-12-14, Tammy Bastien, t_bastien@rogers.com

From: Tammy Bastien

Email: t_bastien@rogers.com

Hello. This is an inquiry regarding the one-time per capita payment . I know the application period was Jan 2019 to Jan 2020. I had applied for status/registration for my sons in October 2018. It took over 1.5 years to receive there confirmation and status card, even though the website said it would take 6 months. I had also emailed the Lac Seul Registry Administrator Billy Kejick in Feb 2019 for help/guidance – but received no response.
Due to the length of time it took for the application to be processed, would there be a possibly of an exception for them to apply for the payment? It was suggested to me to contact to inquire as this delay resulted in my children missing the deadline.