2020-09-29, Joshua Persaud, toronto@clfusa.org

From: Joshua Persaud

Email: toronto@clfusa.org

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Joshua Persaud and I am the Programs Assistant for the Christian Leaders Fellowship operating in Toronto at the Toronto Central Baptist Church.

The Christian Leaders Fellowship is interested in utilizing radio airtime at your station to broadcast a series of seven different sermon sessions over your network.

Our programming would be distributed in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions pre-recorded at our studio and deliverable for your perusal and consideration.

We are interested in accessing airtime at your station, ideally between the dates of October 26th and October 29th or afterwards if and when airtime is available.

Thanks so much for your time today!

Our contact information is below:

Joshua Persaud (Programs Assistant)
Christian Leaders Fellowship Office: 416 321 2004
Christian Leaders Fellowship Email: toronto@clfusa.org

Here is also the contact information of our Programs Coordinator:

Joseph Kim (Programs Coordinator)
Cell: 416 995 7999



Joshua Persaud

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Joshua Persaud
Office: 416 321 2004
Email: toronto@clfusa.org

The Christian Leaders Fellowship and its charitable non-profit partner, The International Youth Fellowship are operating in Canada out of the Toronto Central Baptist Church, Toronto, ON. The ministry seeking to create and manage our programming production is the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF).