2020-06-15, Amanda Dittmer, adittmer@hamiltoncas.com

From: Amanda Dittmer

Email: adittmer@hamiltoncas.com

Good afternoon,

I hope you had a lovely weekend!
I am Amanda from the Indigenous Team at the Hamilton Children’s Aid Society.
I am hoping to connect/advise your band of my involvement with a family here in Hamilton.
Usually I send a letter to a band to let them know I am working with a family and to invite them to participate in a meeting with the family via phone. I usually get the details for where to send a letter on a band’s website, but I didn’t find this information. I have never connected with your band before and so do not have your details on file.
Please let me know who specifically I should be contacting, what the address of your band is, and what fax number or e-mail I should send my letter to.

Thank you very much,
Amanda Dittmer
905-522-1121 x6251