2020-05-27, Travis Bunting, liive.laugh.lovve@hotmail.com

From: Travis Bunting

Email: liive.laugh.lovve@hotmail.com

Also the city I am in isn’t helping much off reserve members as there is only a limited amount of help they are giving out & I’m either way to late too ask for it. And I know you said the reserve is sending off reserve members too cities they are in too ask for help but I am a member of this reserve and not once asked for help until now, most reserves are giving on amend off reserve help/monies for the pandemic that is happening, I don’t know what my reserve is doing for its off reserve people, but it shouldn’t be *go too your city and find help there* I tried calling most centers here in thunder bay with no available help. So here I am asking. Please can you foward me too someone who can help me. I really appreciate my reserve, and all its band council and chief. Thanks.