Over the last year, the social department has made it a point to provide consistent programming aimed at youth and families.

Regular tournaments – such as volleyball, floor hockey, and even crib – are the norm, as well as weekly recreational activities for youth, such as floor hockey, baseball and lacrosse. In the spring and fall, fishing and hunting trips are also organized.

All these activities point toward the goal of working more with families to create a vibrant and healthy community.

A particular highlight for the social department is the creation of a cultural camp. In the summer of 2014, the camp was organized in partnership with Abinooji and provided a variety of cultural activities for youth from Lac Seul and other surrounding communities. This summer, another camp was organized solely for the community. Despite poor weather, the camp was a success as staff and volunteers pulled together as a team to put on a wonderful event. Activities included arts and crafts, outdoor cooking, setting a fish net and cleaning fish, working with wood and stone, and a youth
dance and pageant.

The camp is an important step to teach community youth about their culture, especially land-based activities.

“It’s important to keep (the culture) in our roots. If we don’t do that, it could be lost.” – Chris Lawson

In addition to regular activities, the social department continues to provide one-on-one support with individuals through the Mental Health and NNADAP worker, and to children and family through Prevention Workers and Child Resource Workers.

Measuring the success of the program isn’t always easy to determine. But as long as the department continues to work with families, reach out to the community, and provide enjoyable activities, success will come.

Moving forward, the social department is continuing to work on developing a community support team. The team will consist of a group of people who will provide support to families during times of tragedy/trauma.