Organization Profile

Organization Facts

  • Annual budget of $29 million
  • 143 full-time employees
  • 52 seasonal and casual employees
  • Long term employment; 15 employees have worked for Lac Seul for over 16 years!
  • Limited Partnership Agreements: Perron Contracting L.P., Tim Horton’s L.P., Lac Seul General Partner L.P.,  and Ontario Power Generation L.P.
  • Joint Venture Agreements: TBA

Chief and Council

Clifford Bull


Elvis Trout

Frenchman’s Head

Samantha Kejick

Frenchman’s Head

Clayton Littledeer

Frenchman’s Head

Raymond Angeconeb

Frenchman’s Head

Wade Bull

Whitefish Bay

Derek Maud

Kejick Bay

Gerald Kejick

Kejick Bay

Stanley Littledeer

Kejick Bay

Senior Management

Dorothy Trout

Executive Director

Savannah McFee

Chief Administrative Officer

Haley Kocis

Chief Operating Officer